Engineering: The Role Of Engineering In Our Society

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Based on the Wikipedia, engineers means the practitioners of the engineering that apply scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to develop solution for technical, societal and commercial problem. In the other hand, society means group of people that determined in social interaction, or a large group of people that live on the same geographical or social territory. There are many type of engineers that specialise in many field such as electrical engineers that specialise in electrical control system while civil engineers specialise in planning, designing and managing construction project. Mechanical engineers provide efficient solution in the development process of product especially machinery and vehicles. As we can see, every aspect of our life involved engineers. That’s how crucial the presence of engineers in our society. Without the engineers we will have difficulty in doing our daily chores. We also will never have a modern life as we are today. Engineers also contribute in connecting the people from different societies and the people in the same society in terms of communication. Engineers help the society by providing easier way for them to contact each other. The invention of satellite had leads to the invention of many other communication device such as telephone, smartphone, television, radio and laptop. With the help of the communication devices invented by the engineers, the people in a society can connect with other people from the other side of the
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