Engineers Role In Society Essay

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Engineers play a fundamental role in facilitating the functioning of modern society. There are many ways in which they do this such as through the connection and protection of society. Elaborate how engineers function in the protection of society. Engineers are important person which play a fundamental role in facilitating the functioning of modern society in the country which increasing in technology and infrastructure. This technology and infrastructure are designed and built by engineers has the ability to effect on society from the smallest family unit to the global community. Human have always want to improve the way they live to make sure their can live healthier, more comfortable, saver and richer in their live. Thanks to engineers that…show more content…
With this infrastructure, people can go to other place with more comfortable and faster. For example, engineer had created many type of vehicles such as car, motorcycle and airplane that make human life now easier to go to other place. This can reduce of used of more energy by human nowadays. It is also highly important on a human level such as roads, railways and aircraft which all of these are allow people to travel over varying distances. The importance of this for encouraging more frequent personal contact between people cannot be understated. Integrated design has made the system highly efficient, and time wasted by travelling has been significantly reduced. We also can travel to everywhere in the world by transport whether by air, water or land transport for business or holiday. Moreover, with this transport network the economy of a country can be increase by import and export activities among the other nation. This is because when a company from the other country importing things to our nation, the company must pay tax for the imported goods which become our nation finance. Besides, our country also exported goods to the other country such as foods, raw material and others product which get higher demand from the other country. For the result, our country become more develop nation such the other nation like Singapore, Korea and

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