Reflective Essay On ENGL101

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When I first got my feedback from an essay I felt blank and disappointed. Everything I thought I knew was like a drop in the ocean compared to the things I had not known. I had yet to realize that learning has no boundaries or an end. A great way to know how much you’ve grown is to look back at the work that has been already done and compare it to the current work. For me, ENGL101 served a great purpose in my academic writing skills as well as improving my confidence. I was never confident in my academic writing, in fact I only knew so little. I didn’t know where I stood or how I could progress but now I do. I certainly feel a significant improvement in my growth as a writer because of this course, even in such a brief period of time. I have been able to graze the surface of a few of the course goals, but I am aware that there is still a massive amount of room to grow and learn.
One of the biggest issues I had
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I tend to use good assortment of vocabulary but sometimes instead of using sophisticated words I choose to use fancy words which are not always meshing well with a certain sentence. To write about a personal topic rather than sticking to some certain criteria is what I prefer as a writer because personal topics leave a room for more thinking and analyzing. Personal topics tend to form a connection with the reader and the writer which I truly think is fantastic. As a writer, I do not like to stick to a certain layout or structure because it doesn’t let me express myself to the full potential. What I also learnt about myself as a writer is that I tend to write my best essays when I draft them prior to writing a final piece. It gives me a clear idea and a sense of a good thought out it a mind map, bullet points or freewriting, they are very effective guides for ne personally and they transform my work into something
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