England And Russia Compare And Contrast

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England and Russia were both thriving countries in the Middle Ages. They had many similarities and differences in the ways their monarchs gained power. One way is that they both got invaded by outsiders, but Russia defeated the Mongols and England got taken over by its invaders. Also, England and Russia both had a parliament, but in England they shared the power and in Russia the tsar had complete control. Finally, they both had the church to lean back on, but the Russian tsar overthrew the church’s power and England had the church help them create common laws. In the end, England and Russia had many productive ways of governing.
Overall, there were many ways that England and Russia were similar in their aspects of their creation of monarchs.
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To start, England’s parliament shared equal power with the king, and they made decisions together with the help of the church. On the other hand, the Russian tsar took over the parliament and had complete control until about 1917. Also, in Russia, they defeated their invaders and created a supreme emperor, but England’s invaders took over and stayed in charge. Finally, they are different in their ways the monarchs were in charge. England had a monarchy that was limited in power by the Magna Carta, although Russia has a tsar that has complete control over everyone and everything with nothing to stand in their way. On the outside these countries monarchs may seem similar, but near the core they are very different. In summary, England and Russia were similar and different in my aspects of their monarchs. They both had to overcome the struggle of invaders, but Russia defeated them while England got overtaken by them. Also, both countries had a parliament, but England shared power with them while Russia overthrew them leaving them in the dust. They also both had the church but England worked with the church, while Russia didn’t listen to a word they said. Both countries had many ways that their monarchs came to be that were alike and
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