English 090 Unit 2

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Throughout the semester we have worked on multiple unit papers. Each paper had different categories of learning objectives to accomplish. These categories consist of rhetorical knowledge, critical reading/critical thinking, academic writing conventions, and the writing process. Two essays that I found to be helpful in completing the course objectives were the unit 2 and unit 3 essays. I met some of the course objectives, but also struggled with some. Writing something for yourself is easy, but when you write something for outside readers to enjoy, it can be more of a challenge to write something that makes sense to the reader with the thoughts that you have. I struggled with this concept while writing the unit 2 paper. This objective was especially…show more content…
While taking English 090, I have learned to overcome this fear. Getting feedback from others during workshop days was very useful because I received tips on how to make changes to your paper to make it stronger. This gave me the opportunity to practice my critical reading/thinking skills by actively reading our partners papers. This also gave us the freedom to leave remarks in the margins of others’ essay to not only help them, but help ourselves learn. While writing the unit 3 paper, I got to practice and meet the course objective of actively reading. While reading the assigned articles, Begley and Heilbroner, I left comments in the margins as well as underlining quotes that stuck out to me that I could potentially use in my essay. Another objective that I struggled with is the idea of properly combining my ideas with the ideas of others. I understand that doing this can make your paper stronger. It can help open more doors and help you go someplace in your paper you didn’t think you could go. I feel like it was easy for me to add quotes and to explain more of what I wanted to talk about, but it was a challenge to figure out paraphrasing and summarizing the ideas of others that I could use in my unit 3 paper without
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