English 101 Class Analysis

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The first day of college was different for me since it started during the summer. My writing skills in the beginning of the class weren 't as strong as they are now. I knew college would be a much more difficult than high school because there would be a larger work load. The diagnostic essay was the first essay I wrote in college. I was really worried about the results I would get on a college level. My grammar wasn’t up to that level, however, I learned new concepts that would make my paper much better. There were many parts of the paper that I would change after taking this course, but the most important lesson I learned was sentence structure and grammar. In the diagnostic essay that I wrote it had many grammar mistakes. “Looking back at…show more content…
Some of my strengths I improved upon were hooking my reader into my paper, having enough information, and grammar. In high school teachers didn’t pay much attention to the grammar mistakes that I was making, during the English 101 class I noticed that grammar was being emphasized more, if I didn’t fix my grammar mistakes I would do poorly on all of my papers. In the diagnostic essay my paragraphs didn’t have a good structure. The introduction of my diagnostic essay was lacking because I didn’t mention everything I was going to talk about. At the end of my conclusion I wrote, “All of the weaknesses can be toned down if I just proofread my essays and think to myself if the paper met all the goals I was aiming for”, instead of putting this at the end of my sentence I would have put a solid thesis statement instead. There were many different lessons I learned during the English 101 class, I would make all the changes in the diagnostic essay because of the concepts we learned in class. The most important lessons I learned in class were the grammar lessons and making all of my papers logical. Without the grammar lessons my papers wouldn’t sound proper, and making my papers logical made it easier for the reader to understand. The lessons that I learned in class made me realize what I needed to do in all of my
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