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4 April 2016 Dear Reader, As I reflect at the end of this semester on my work in my English 101 class, I am able to already see how much I have improved as a writer. This class has taught me many things and helped me grow and develop my skills as a writer. It has taught me how to use clear concrete details in my writings. I engaged in several assignments and peer workshop during this semester, and the feedback that I received from my professor and peers has helped me a lot. Now, in view of my approach to writing, it has changed a lot during this semester. Before this class, I didn’t like anyone reading my paper before it was due. But, now I don’t mind having someone else reading my work. I have learned that having a second opinion on my work…show more content…
I thought that writing was so hard, that it was impossible to write more than three pages’ essay if you weren’t a professional writer. I couldn’t even write a two pages’ essay without struggling. However, now that the end of the semester is arriving, I began to change my attitude toward writing. Now, I can write a three-page essay without any complication. Even though, I still need time to make a three-page essay, because I have to organize my thought in paper; I could say that I see writing a lot easier than a year ago. Meanwhile, my performance in this class, I say it was average. Even though, I know that I could have done much better in this class, if I had put more effort into it. I still need to really work on my spelling, grammar, punctuation, and proofreading. That’s the area that I really need to improve from all. But anyways, I’m still proud of my accomplishment, as I mention before, been able to write more than three pages’ essay. Furthermore, if I had to take this class again, I would actually put more effort in my writings and I wouldn’t procrastinate has much as I did this semester. In the end, I think I performed rather well in the class, but I felt I could have done

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