English-101 Reflection

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I couldn 't come by your office hours on Thursday, so I thought I 'd just email you my questions. I 'm going to reintroduce myself that will lead to my questions. I am Alfredo Dela Cruz Jr. in your 4 pm, English-101 class. I have been out of school for five years, until last semester. I thought it 's never too late to start my education. I somehow placed in English-101 on my assessment test results. I guess it 's because my reading comprehension is okay, and I recognize grammatical errors. Multiple choice questions also doesn 't hurt. However, MJC doesn 't provide a writing test to their assessment. I wanted to take English-50 last semester to practice writing, but all of the classes were full. Instead, I took 15 units of other courses last semester, and managed to practice writing. Though, I did not expect non-English courses to be heavy in writing.…show more content…
Since I practiced writing, and earned straight A 's in all my courses last semester, I decided to take English-101 this semester. Instead of paying extra money to take English-50, I thought I would just take English-101 and work extra hard to be successful. My problem with the literacy narrative is that I can 't write about myself. I guess it 's because I 'm embarrassed I 'm only starting college now, and have realized I 've been neglected in life. Whatever it is, I just can 't write about myself in my literacy narrative if I have to share it in class. It 's just not the way I was raised. I wasn 't raised to share my problems to my family. If I have a problem, I have to solve it myself. If it 's just for you to grade, I think I can manage. I have a low confidence in myself since this is my first English class. I feel like one of those rescued lab animals seeing light for the first time. How can I write my literacy narrative If I can 't put myself in my writing? Can I write a literacy narrative in someone else 's point of view? I think I can write a literacy narrative about me, but I will purposely leave out
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