English 101 Reflective Essay

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English 101 was a class that I put off taking my first semester because I knew that this was one of my weakest subjects. As time moved on, my skills improved, even though I always dreaded taking this class, because I had a fear of writing bad papers. I chose to have a positive attitude an open mind about my writing assignments to get the best outcome. I learned to be more organized and set time aside to read the book, write down the key points that I want to address to my paper, then analyze what I’ve written. Nevertheless, by doing this, it helped me to make the appropriate changes when it came time to submit my final drafts. It was imperative to be organized, then put thoughts into words and this shows my ability as a writer with expressive…show more content…
I learned to make a strong thesis statement and that every chapter or paragraph must be in reference to that statement. I now know the importance of using transitional phrases and proper use of punctuations throughout each sentence. After reading Patterns of College Writing, this book did help me in learning how to format my essay on the MLT and the editing process. Throughout the course, I see the importance of citing references from the quotes used to prevent plagiarism. The key parts of an essay are the opening and the closing. I learned to plan my paragraphs by writing out my outline of how I wanted to tell my story and take my reader on the same journey that I read about in my book. This class has helped prepare me for my career and give me the ability to organize me thoughts and then put them on paper. No matter what career path I choose to take, I will always need to skills in writing to communicate effectively with my job. English 101 is a class that prepares you for the most basic job functions that require reading and writing. By taking this class I‘ve improved my ability as a writer and I learned to express put my ideas on

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