English 101 Reflective Report

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As an English student this semester, I have learned how to develop essays in an appropriate educated way in English 101. I have learned how to find and properly use different sources in my essays as well as improving on MLA format. This class has also improved my writing skills in my work place. I presently work as a secretary for a company, and my job consists of writing letters to people from time to time. The skills that I have learned has dramatically improved those letters, allowing them to appear more professional. In the past, I would search for ways to write a decent paper; now I have the skills to perform my own paper without having to rely on having assistance from someone else. It takes me a little while to develop a starting point, but once I have the first sentence, my words come to mind much quicker. I have also caught myself listening to the words that people speak instead of listening to what they are speaking of. I have improved on my speaking with the public because of this class. It has helped me to stop and reflect about what I intend on saying instead of speaking everyday language to the customers. If I explain something to a customer, I explain it with a well-developed sentence instead of a short simple sentence that I usually speak.…show more content…
This is my second semester as a distance learner and I believe that I did an exceptional job at my work. My strengths in the distance learning format is my ability to set goals and be well-disciplined enough to reach those goals by the deadlines. I kept a tiny notebook calendar on hand and wrote down each week what I needed to complete in each class. I tried to work on something each day to reach those goals. With the ability of being organized and self-disciplined will assist me in everything I do in college and at
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