English 11 Reflection

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I’ve always dreaded going to English. I never really saw the point, I guess. And, to be honest, I didn’t put very much effort into learning how to write an effective argument, or any essay for that matter. However, I always received good grades, so I was oblivious to my writing deficiencies. I thought I could get by with mediocre writing skills. I thought AP English 11 would be the same as every year previous, however, everything changed after the first week. My argument and analysis skills have improved greatly since the first week of school, and the practice essays and lessons have helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses.
Three essays in three days. One rhetorical analysis, one synthesis, one open ended argument. Despite my contempt
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I’ve familiarized myself with my writing style, strengths and weaknesses through the various practice essays and in class assignments. I specifically remember the last Rhetorical analysis essay as a break out essay. The article was taken from the onion (a satirical publication) and detailed a new product called “MagnaSoles”, shoe implants which were supported by “science” to relieve a host of maladies. In my first rhetorical analysis, I struggled with identifying rhetorical strategies, using RIP words, and connecting the strategies to the author’s purpose. However, by following the template given the day before the essay (one of the most helpful tools I’ve received in regards to rhetorical analysis), I eliminated RIP words, identified correct examples of satire in the article, and did well connecting to the purpose. For example, one strategy I identified was exaggeration. The author makes the absurd statement that “maagnasoles utilize the healing power of crystals”, however crystals do not heal people. By exaggerating the blind obedience to bad evidence, the author criticizes the use of shady techniques in marketing in order to change public acceptance of “scientific fact”. My first analysis did not go into enough depth, nor give enough evidence to back up my ideas. However the magnasoles essay was a 7 on the AP scale! My argument essays have also improved. My first argument wasn’t supported with enough evidence. My last synthesis, on the balance…show more content…
However, my skills have improved. I know how to support my claims with evidence. I know how to identify rhetorical strategies. Overall, this first semester of AP English has given me the skills and confidence to write an excellent
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