English 1101: How Gender Differences In My Classroom

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Most classrooms are analogous in their basic structure. They typically consist of the essential accessories such as chairs, tables, and desks. However moving past the basic structures they become more unique. Their distinguished qualities, often correspond with varying influential factors. These factors include, instructor and subject matter, school setting, and student population. These differences are noted in most, if not all classes, including Dr.Ngezems English 1101 class. English 1101, is held at the Henry County High School. This is my second class of the day and it begins promptly at 10:15am in room 703. When I enter the classroom, I walk to the right and sit in the fourth seat in that row, then I place my bulky book bag to the right of my chair onto the tiled floor. I have one black and white striped folder that I use for the class, I take that out along with my black mechanical pencil and place it to the right of my grey desk …show more content…

When you first walk into the classroom you unknowingly familiarizing yourself with your environment, for example; you notice the low buzz of the air condition humming above you, the navy-blue standard school chair, cold to the touch from hours of vacancy, the four posters posted on the beige bulletin board that reminds you of the color of your tea after you have poured too much cream into it, or even the ten unfamiliar faces staring straight at you. There is a white board in the front of the classroom for when there are assignments or notes that need to be taken. The smooth grey tables have two outlets in the middle that allows students to charge devices if needed. There is also an orange and black cord that wraps around and in-between desk like an out of control jungle vines. Everything in the room has its own place and

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