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I took English 111 because it is a required class and for no other reason. I came into this class expecting it to be just something I had to get through or check off to continue on with my degree. I did not expect to learn much either, but I was wrong. I have taken this class and I honestly think that it has helped me. I have learned new concepts and refreshed my memory on old ones. This change can be seen very effectively in a piece I wrote for my sister. I wrote a how to paper for my sister because she would be babysitting my chickens for me while I was on a trip. I had to write a list of some kind so that she would know exactly what to do while I was away. The first way I used what I learned in this class was this style of paper…show more content…
My sister is eleven years old, so I had to write this paper short and simple. It could not be too long or she would lose interest and not read it thoroughly. Also if the paper was too long it would most likely be because I included too much information. Writing with my sister as my audience needed the information without fluff because too much information would have just distracted or confused her. It needed the proper balance between too much and too little. This paper also could not use complex language or she would not understand. In this writing I also was able to apply a few tips I learned specifically about this type of paper. In my paper I combined some steps so that it would be less confusing and easier for her to accomplish, just like I learned. I also included reasons of why each step was important and what happened when the tasks were not completed. It is really beneficial to know the ‘why’ behind the task sometimes. It gave my sister the incentive to complete the tasks. It was very helpful to learn these tips about this style of writing because it helped my sister to understand each task and the reason they had to be

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