English 111 Reflective Report

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Before enrolling into the course of English 111, my writing was primarily based on specific boundaries. For example, I was told that essays needed to be five paragraphs long with five to eight sentences within each paragraph. After my enrollment into this course, I have learned that the stereotype for writing an essay was not as practical as I once had believed, and that the limitations and expectations that were once implemented into my writing were essentially not correct. This course has changed my writing by allowing me to expand into broader topics in papers, such as compare and contrast essays, subject by subject, and point by point papers and outlines. I have learned now to use stronger verbs within my essays, and to open my vocabulary…show more content…
Personally, the topic of superheroes is not one that I am interested in, and I feel that due to this, I lack enthusiasm within the essays and that they may come off too formal, or not formal enough due to not having previous knowledge on the topic. I would also like to revise the structure of my essay, and the examples that I used to express the influence of popularity across the globe. The topics that I believe remain weak in the paper are the ones that I chose to express why the film industry for superheroes has such a broad horizon, however, I am conflicted with these topics because although I do have a liking for them, I believe I may have been able to choose other options that would have opted for better descriptions and explanations. I am generally pleased with the paper as a whole for what it is, however, I am just not happy about the subject of the paper as I am not a big superhero fan and would like to have gained more knowledge on the topic. I believe that this essay reflects my growth as a writer by expressing the vocabulary that I have picked up on throughout my essays, and the structure that I have learned to use since enrolling into this course. I have now learned how to correctly make a parenthetical citation and a work cited page, which will definitely help me with future essays that I will have to

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