English 1121 Reflection

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English 1121 has helped me to become an enhanced reader and writer. I now have confidence in my writing and reading abilities. I never realized that I could become a good writer. A tremendous amount of effort was put forth into each of my papers and I asked questions whenever I was frazzled. I strived for success. I have improved vastly in certain areas of the class, such as constructing drafts, learning MLA documentation, and becoming familiar with my audience. I deserve to pass English 1121 because I have fulfilled all of the learning outcomes required for the course. My writing skills have improved enormously in this class. I have learned the importance of writing several drafts. Creating a rough draft and then simply changing a few things would then produce a poorly written paper. In fact, starting with prewriting is a must, along with writing several drafts. After finishing my first draft of the profile paper, I thought that my paper was decent. I then received a critique and recognized that there was still a lot more…show more content…
English 1121 has made me realize that the audience has to be put into perspective while writing. In other writing classes in high school, I would write a paper for the purpose that I basically had too, never even thinking about an audience. I learned that with every paper I wrote I had either a different audience or a different goal. With an audience involved, I learned that I had to keep my word choice in mind. Being proper and always having a college level academic tone when writing was something that was very important. In addition, using slang or other unfamiliar terms could make an audience confused, leading to a very messy paper. Also, I realized that audiences have a different perspective on things and they can make assumptions, leading to counter arguments. When writing, I learned that I must be constantly aware of my audience questioning things in my

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