English 1301 Reflective Essay

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Transitioning from high school to college can be overwhelming. Before English 1301, I did not worry about preparing for college. I quickly realized that my little background in writing essays was not enough for college courses. Writing is not just a skill that I will need for English classes. In college, I will have to use effective writing skills in all my classes to complete research papers, essay tests and communicate with professors. Throughout my education, writing strategies persisted to be a challenge for me. I dreaded writing because I could never find ways to transition my thoughts from my mind to the paper. Ironically, a class that petrified me due to the amount of required writing ended up helping me in numerous ways. English 1301 and my professor prepared me for college and real life by giving me a foundation of effective learning strategies. When beginning English 1301, I did not know how to organize a paper effectively. I would start writing…show more content…
Before the start of this class, I overused common imagery such as “shine bright like a diamond” to try to convey my feelings. Writing with clichéd imagery dilutes the reader’s attachment to the story because emotions are absent. In this class, I have learned that I have to reflect on my true feelings and emotions before writing. Hopefully allows my readers to feel what I once felt. My favorite imagery that I have written in this class was the spider web in the essay about my grandfather. The web started out as the horrible suffocating feelings of the loss of my grandpa. In the conclusion; however, I alluded to Charlotte’s Web and transformed the suffocating web into one that I would “weave with all the beautiful things he brought into my life.” I portrayed the same image, a web, to convey completely different emotions to the
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