English 2 Reflection

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English 2 is a class that is really different than the writing class I took before. In my previous writing class, the professor will give us really detailed prompt and explanation to guide us through our essay. But in English 2 is different, the professor did give us the prompt and explanation. However, beside these elements, the professor tend to let us do our own work. In the beginning I thought this is a little bit challenging because everything was so vague, and I feel like I am walking in the fog due to the lack of explanation and unclear directions. But after some practices, I started to find out the difference. Compare with the previous assignment I had from last semester, the assignment from English 2 actually let me to be more liberal…show more content…
For example, our first writing assignment was to pick anything that can be consider as global document and explain why. I was really struggling of this assignment in the beginning because instead of picked a document, I picked a song. This song itself I do not believe can be consider as a global document, which means how does this work effect the world, but the singer of the song was the part I want to incorporate together and make them a global document. What is worse is that the song I picked was not a popular song, and even got banned by certain country, which means there are limited information I could collected from. In addition, I started to read the biography of the singer and comments from the singer’s friend to find evidence and information that can be used in my essay. After this simple but because of my topic so it becomes complicated assignment, I believe I learned how to effectively locate, interpret, and evaluate evidence in order to support my idea.
In addition, writing assignments are not the only way I learn from the class. The professor also teach the students different types of logical fallacies, inductive and deductive patterns to be use while composing our essay.
Overall I believe English 2 is a really effective class. I learned the correct and efficient way to search information from the school library database, present arguments with complex issues and support with effective evidence, and the use of both deductive and inductive patterns for argument in the assignments. I believe if the academic semester is longer, I could learn more than just these
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