English 332 Reflective Report

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The way in which professionals communicate continues to change and adapt to new trends and technologies. Being an effective communicator is a key element of being a successful professional. English 332 is a course designed to help develop professional qualities, specifically writing and communication skills, for current students. It is important for the Professional Writing Committee to keep up with current trends in the workplace and consistently obtain information regarding the ways in which professionals communicate. This report is meant to supply the Professional Writing Committee with relevant information regarding communication in the workplace now, so that the course can provide students with the tools and skills that they need in order to succeed once they enter the professional world. My conclusion is that being able to competently communicate with others is vital to success in the professional world. There are certain skills that are really necessary in order to keep up in the workplace. My recommendation is that this course use the information obtained from these interviews and implement the communication skills into assignments so that students will be prepared to succeed once out of school. In this report, I will discuss the substance of the interview and offer…show more content…
As Don stated in the interview, being able to write a business letter effectively is of utmost importance. I would recommend the course put more emphasis on the significance of composing a concise, professional email, as it is used constantly throughout the work week for almost every professional. Overall, this course is well designed to provide students with preparation for proper workplace communication. I do recommend that the Professional Writing Committee take into account the new information from the interviews, and implement the newest communication trends into the
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