English 4 Ap Reflection

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I have always viewed writing as a vital component in life- it’s seen in education, the workplace, communication, and many more. Thus, when I came into English IV AP not only did I want to excel in the course academically, but I also wanted to grow in my skills as a writer, which I believe will serve me good inside and outside of the classroom. As I look back on the journey I have had in English IV AP, I realize how I have grown as a writer, the areas I have struggled and excelled with in my writing, and the experience and learning that I will take with me in the future plans and career. Writing is a learning process. From the time I learned to write my name to writing my first research paper, I realized that in each moment I felt that I have accomplished and learned a lot, but there was still room for more growth…show more content…
As I previously mentioned before, I believe writing is an essential part of life as it is seen and required of some individuals apart from the classroom. Although I will be sure take the lessons that I have learned in college with the papers and writing assignment that will be given to me, I also will take them with me outside of the classroom. It can be minor points such as being specific, elaborating, or being aware of grammatical errors in my writing when writing for scholarships, jobs, etc. Additionally, because I have learned in my writing to analyze my readings that I will write on, I believe the growth and the growing that I will continue to do throughout college will help with the critical analysis and reasoning portion of the MCAT exam. Furthermore, the experience I have gained in this class may allow for an easier transition to my college English and writing courses in college that can help me excel

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