English: A World Without A Language In The World

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Let us imagine for a moment a world without a language. There is no information, no exchange of views and no communication among people. There will be only signs and gestures as in the days of the ancient cave dwellers. In those days, man obviously used lot of sounds and signs to attract the attention of the people, to describe things and to get things done. That was the only means of communication. The English Language has exercised a great influence in shaping the political, social, economic, intellectual and cultural life of India “Keep the door and windows of your mind open for fresh winds to blow freely, as long as you are not blown off your feet” is a wise saying that should be remembered forever. The English Language is the window which opens up the vast prospects of human achievement and beckons us to new horizons. It is only through this language we have distilled the essence of modern knowledge in all fields of human activity. Anyone who can read English can keep in touch with the whole world without leaving his own house. It is a means of communicating thoughts and feelings. It is the only language spoken by the people all over the world and connects the people to every nook and corner. Without this language, both official and private communication between the countries will be completely cut off. English can be regarded as the key to the store-house of knowledge. Book on all field are mostly in English. Most of the technical journals, newspaper, periodicals,
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