Arabic Language Acquisition Essay

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There are two great languages in the world namely English and Arabic. English is considered to be the foremost international language. That it’s to say that it is the most important and often used as a mean of communication all over the world. Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world. It belongs to Semitic family of language. It is written from right to left and it is consonantal language in its written form. There are some countries uses these languages as a first and second language. That is why these languages are the most language spoken in the world.
Language is a way of thinking and act. Language is human expression of thought and feeling by using sound appliance. Language as a tool of communication to submit
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In other words, derivational morphemes are changing the grammatical category of words. A few example of English derivational prefixes are: un-, mis-, pre-, contra-, dis-, ex-, post-, trans-,etc. In Arabic there are four derivational prefixes: a-, i-, ist-, m-. Derivational prefixes in English and Arabic causes of changing meaning.
Jakendoff and Bybee (as cited in Spencer and Zwickt, 1998:49) said that there are three accounts of derivation. The first consider derivation simply a matter of lexical collection, the selection of an affix and copying it into a world level structure. A derivational morpheme on this view is not an object selected, but the process of inserting or reduplicating affixes. That is, derivational morpheme has the same mutually implied phonological, grammatical, and semantic representation as do lexemes.
The second is derivation as morphological operations. The morphology process addresses the first and the foremost of those types of morphology other than external affixation. Affixation becomes a set of purely phonological modification of the phonological presentation of the based conditioned by the grammatical features. The head of such derivation is the lexical base. The crucial factors determine the order of affixes is not structural relations, but the order in which they are

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