English As A Second Language

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During the last few decades, English language has become one of the most worldwide spoken languages throughout the globe. However, most people in the province of Mendoza think that learning a second language is simply an option, not a necessity. Actually, most professionals in a variety of areas consider that a second language is merely a choice. Nevertheless, there are certain professions that do require English for the effective development of their activities. Some of them are quite easy to identify, while others are definitely not the first ones that come to mind. As we began to reflect upon this, we realized that the personal and professional experiences of some of our friends - specifically, park rangers and doctors- will surely give us a clear view of their reality regarding English language. English language has arrived at the doorstep of every developing country and has demanded to be used as the lingua franca of this century. Due to the globalization that some countries are constantly undergoing these days, English seems to have arrived to stay. And the question in these countries –whose population are not English native speakers- arises: “Is it really necessary to learn English as a second language or is it just a hobby to brag about?” Well, as we stated before, some people here in Mendoza think that English is just an option they can take, but they are not thinking of the future that awaits them professionally. This article will be a product of all the time we

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