English As Official Language Analysis

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In the writing, Jake Jamieson introduced and explained an argument about English using for immigrants. In first paragraph, the author introduced that the melting pot system is not working truly. Many people think the U.S. is famous for melting pot because of many immigrants. These people view the melting pot as a pot which contains many melted cultures and living styles inside. But he argues that these people lose their culture by adapting to new culture and only thing left is discrimination. He states that languages are in center of this argument. Then he claimed “should immigrants be required to learn English, or should accommodations be made so they can continue to use their native language.” The author explained opinion from people who support immigrants should learn English that immigrants should do like American people do. The author disagrees to this opinion because…show more content…
except for English speaking. Afterwards, he introduced another argument that should U.S. make English as official language or not. From for side, he explained supporters of English as official language believes that communication is very important for democracy, and learning English has big role to success in the U.S. Also he describes the governor are trying to introduce official language because of fear from spreading other language in U.S. However, the author argues making official language may be against 1st Amendment. He cites quote from a language diversity advocate James Crawford to show that making official language is discrimination to other language. The author shows example from actual court case in Texas. In that case, a judge ruled that keep speaking Spanish is an abuse. The author states official English proponents do not realize they actually discriminate other language. The proponents say immigrants can use their languages in
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