English As The Medium Of Education In Pakistan

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Education plays a key role in the process of the development of any society. It is conceived one of the main pillars of a society (Adams, 1998). Education is the foundation of all types of developments in the country. It is an established fact that in the world only those nations have made progress and development which have a sound education system (Ball, 1990). It creates awareness among the pupils about life and its challenge in the world. It fills empty minds with ideas and builds creativity. Thus educationally sound nations play leadership role in the world (American Federation of Teachers, 2000). Since independence, Pakistan fell behind in national development and progress due to weak educational system. Medium of instruction is big problem in Pakistan. English is the preferred language of education at privet sectors and is most often recognized as the language of the elite and the ruling class. Pakistani schools those use English as the medium of instruction are called English medium schools. They are found in both urban and rural areas. Students in English medium schools learn their subject matter content and the English language simultaneously and are expected to become proficient in both. But unfortunately they neither able to understand subject matter nor learn the language. The implementation of the teaching of Science in English has raised certain concerns regarding the ability of students to follow lessons

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