Reflective Essay: Personal Narrative Of My Life

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My name I Jason Smith, and my journey starts in a small run down village named Green Oak. I am a simple man with simple tastes. I live in a small house on the edge of town: the house is a run down green building that looks like it has seen better days. Walking through the front door after a hard day of work you are met with the smell of damp from the cold termite infested walls and the smell of smoke from the smouldering coal fire at the front of the room. This day like any other had started out the same, I awaken at half six to start my morning ritual of showering and dressing before cycling six miles to the next village to start my labour, feeling tired and depressed. I work in a bakery, putting on a fake smile as I sell
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That morning if I awaken on time, if my bike had no puncture, if I had gone straight to work instead of the shop, then I never would have bought the ticket. The lottery ticket that change my life forever! That same day I arrived at the bakery two hours late to find that Mr Johnson the store owner had already replaced me. “This is the third time you’ve arrived late, you’re fired!” he roared. Now unemployed I wallowed in self pity, tears running down my face and screams of anger leaving me as I wobble down the dirt path home. Several hours later, still wallowing. I was sat in the front room of my home, the coal fire burning and a large sheep skin blanket wrapped around me. Watching the results of lottery, my eyes full of hope never leaving the numbers spread across the ticket I had bought that same day. “2”, “12”, “31” Three numbers gone and all on my ticket. I rose from the chair in disbelieve as the last three numbers came out “20”, “9”, “14”. I won! I couldn’t believe my eyes, A jackpot of £6 Million and it was all mine, was I dreaming did I fall asleep before the results came out I pinched myself to make sure then I sprinted to the post office to cash my winning ticket. I passed the ticket to the women behind the counter a old frigid women whos hand shook as she took the ticket. As she scanned the ticket baloons fell from the ceiling, alarm bells rang and I was told to come back for a televised ceremony the…show more content…
The first thing I did with all that money you ask? I bought a new house, six stories high. A house that towers over the rest of the town. Now when walking down the street with a huge smile on face, it feels like I am being watched. Watched with envy and anger towards me, people staring because I had what they didn’t. No one would talk to me after winning, maybe it was because they was intimidated, maybe they just hated the fact I could leave this place any time I wanted. Walking down the street before winning everyone said Hi, I knew the whole town. No one wanted anything or hated me for no reason and now, now the only time people acknowledge my existence is when they are at my door step begging me to help them. But why should I help them? Where they there for me when I had nothing? No! All I had was myself. Every time I hear a knock at the door I fill with anger, rage and selfishness. All they want is my money, do they care about me? Of course not, I don’t even get a simple hello how have you been? Now I am all alone, what I thought was a miracle turned out to be a curse! I went from having nothing but being like by many to having everything and being liked by no
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