English Class Is Better Than English Class

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When I was in Junior high school and Senior high school, lecture style was pretty common at the English class. The teachers were always in front of students, and some students did not listen to what teachers said. English class at Junior high school was better than the class at Senior high school. The teachers at Junior high school were trying to make students speak in English. They always pointed out some students and asked questions. Students needed to focus on what teachers said. We had only 15 students each class at 7th grade’s English class. The class size was smaller than that of Senior high school, so it was easier for me to answer the questions and state my opinions. Students had some opportunities to speak in English at the class. They read the textbook and practiced with other students. However, other than that time, we just read the textbook and solved the questions. I remember that I enjoyed listening time at Junior high English class. Our teacher asked us to listen to an English song, try to write the lyrics and catch the meanings. The teacher prepared the answer sheet with some lyrics, so we could guess what we needed to fill in the blanks. It was not just a listening practice but also a reading practice. I liked this type of subjective classes at Junior high school. However, the English class was getting boring as high school examination approached. Teachers just let us read the textbook and taught us English vocabulary and grammar.
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