Reflection On Learning English Class

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When I started this course I felt very challenged by the assignments. I am not from this country I came here with my wife and children and did not know a lot of English. I felt scared for them and me because there was much uncertainty. This course is very challenging, but worth it because it is helping me learn English. I find challenges motivating because I can learn from them and grow. I am learning things that I can also take home to help my family. The course is definitely not too easy. Not all students are on the same level or page. The course work is designed to help all students learn at their level. I was scared to answer questions especially for a course at this level. I was scared I would have the wrong answer, but it will get better.
I felt many things when starting this class, I was nervous about meeting my classmates. I knew that this would be a class that I would want to find people to study with, but was unsure of how to talk to others. It was a little bit easier than expected the first day because
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I would like a chance to get to know my peers a little bit more. The more comfortable I feel in the classroom, the more willing I am to ask for help. It is also nice being able to schedule days to study with my classmates so I am looking to build a supportive community. The class did move relatively fast which is what made it somewhat difficult because not all of the students are on the same level. Sometimes assignments are harder than others because I may have not seen the material before. There are also some things I am more comfortable with than others. It has also been challenging too because not all of the words I use are proper in academic English. I think in my first language, Arabic, and also write. I then translate my work to English, so it can be unorganized at times. Knowing this and learning new words has helped me translate my work more
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