English Con Salisa Analysis

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The Latin and American Culture The poem English con Salsa by Gina Valdes reminds me of my home country. I came to this country from Peru and brought my own traditions with me as well. My life is now a mix of American and Latino culture. Valdes poem identify us the immigrants that coming to the United states does not mean losing your culture, but instead it combines both the American and Latino culture. This poem has a lot of humor. The beginning of English con Salsa reads “Welcome to ESL, English Surely Latinized, ingles con chile y cilantro, English as American as Benito Juarez.” (543). This line is funny because ESL which means English as a second language means in the poem English Surely Latinized. Valdes humor shows that immigrants would make their own English because of the different accent that each country possess. The point is that Latinos that come to America knows the importance to learn English and adapt to this culture promptly, but they also know that their culture would always be inside themselves after all. This poem tells us that it’s not about moving to United States and forget where you came from, but being able to mix both cultures at the same time.…show more content…
Being here means money stability for them and their family. Besides that, it also means you are in the most powerful country in the world which offers you better life opportunities compare to Latino countries. The language English is the key to everything as what Valdes says on this part “In four weeks you can ask, More coffee?” In two months you can say, May I take your order? In one year you can ask for a raise.” (543) This phrase from Valdes makes us understand that learning English is the key to adapt to the American culture, and at the same time means you would have better chances to find a better
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