English Creative Writing: The Men Who Saved Tomorrow

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William AllenMrs. DesLauriersAdvanced English Composition26 March 2018 The Men Who Saved Tomorrow Sitting on a hill in southern China, a man watched as planes, tattooed with the mouth of a shark, took on mighty Japan. He didn’t know it yet, but the very next day that man would write saying: “They’re fighting like Tigers. Like Flying Tigers.” On that fateful day, the legend of the Flying Tigers became one for the history books. While defending mainland China, these brave men created something that hasn’t yet been repeated. Not only did the group itself accomplish great feats over the plains of China, but their pilots themselves became figures many still remember. Included in that group was a man by the name of William “Bill” Reed, the group’s…show more content…
This time over 75 Japanese bombers and fighters focused their sights on the docks of Rangoon and the Mingladon airbase… They were dropping like flies. They were rolling out of the formation, wings coming off, blowing up . . . During "The Christmas Day Massacre" the AVG got 25 fighters and bombers without losing a single plane.…show more content…
Word began spreading around town about the group named the Flying Tigers. That name would stay in the mouths of the Chinese people for over a century, continuing into the present day. One significant pilot, Bill Reed, served several tours, leaving an everlasting footprint in history. This cunning young man was born in the small town of Marion, Iowa, where his talents didn’t limit themselves to just his residence but across the state. Edward Reed, the nephew of Bill Reed, wrote a biography for Reed saying, “An excellent student and outstanding athlete, Bill graduated high school in 1935 and with honors from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1939. He earned varsity letters in football and baseball and was a very fine golfer as well” (Reed). Bill was a family man, loving no one more than his mother. He hadn’t much experience of the outside world, coming from such a rural place; however, with his apt mind and physical physique, he was ready to challenge the world in any way possible. His morals outmatched a man twice his age, which in turn changed the course of history. Graduating with a degree in economics, Bill felt the patriotic surge to fight for his country, which was sailing towards the path of war. (Signal

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