English GCSE Memory

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English GCSE - Memory

They say in order to move on in life you need to make peace with the past. This is said to help 'accept ' yourself, but sometimes, it does the opposite. So here I am, in a graveyard attempting to make 'peace ' with the ghosts within me. My feet yearning to back into the car and drive away, but my mind has other plans as I walk towards the gate of the cemetery as I push the gate making it croak as if it has not been used in a while. Rows of tombstones stood alert in silence to the left and right, in front and behind, like a sea of the dead. Some were crumbled with the overgrown weeds, some were smooth marble with new writing and laid with floral tributes. Most though, were overgrown and unkempt. An upon the hill a new grave had been dug to await it
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My legs trembled beneath me and I fell to the ground like a soggy biscuit and I hit the ground with my fist. "Why did you leave me here? Is this a punishment? I miss both of you so much, please come back!" I sobbed. Soon enough a gust of wind came, as if to comfort me. " I remember the day you both left me, that day triggered a lot of things. I was out with Uncle Jarrod and Philippa, we were enjoying ourselves at the beach about to go get some ice cream but Uncle Jarrod had gotten a call from the hospital. "Yes that is me... Wait, what happened... Which hospital...Bye." Me and Philippa had looked at each other and ran over to him. He had fallen to the floor and started screaming profanities into the sky and as a response the sky had started to roar with thunder. He grabbed both of us into a hug and repeatedly said sorry. At that moment I was confused as to why her was apologising and unfortunately later that day I realised. A couple of hours later we arrived into the hospital, in the car Uncle Jarrod had explained to us that you both were in critical condition from a car accident and were admitted into a hospital. I remember feeling empty. Lost. I didn’t shed a tear, I knew I had to be

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