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Teaching English grammar is integral to Bhutanese schools for many reasons: Teaching English grammar is useful as English is the medium of instruction in schools for majority of the subjects. Grammar improves the reading skills in a student, the benefits of technology in teaching grammar in class rooms and the role of grammar in improving the four key strands of students such as writing, reading, listening and speaking. So in the Bhutanese educational system, teaching and learning English grammar plays an integral part as it is the foundation of all curriculums. The relation with English grammar and writing, the infusion of technology and grammar will all be augmented to show the importance of teaching English grammar in the Bhutanese schools.…show more content…
First of all, English is the medium of instruction and communication for the majority of subjects, English grammar is an important foundation for effective communication in the classrooms. CAPSD (2006) stresses the need for people in Bhutan to be competent in English as the decision for using English as the medium of instruction for many of the subjects taught in school (p.11). Therefore, it is essential for the students to be good at grammar in order for the students to do well in the other subjects in the schools. Jose (2010) says that learners should better study grammar and its beautiful nuances in usage (p.1). This shows the importance for students to study English grammar in the Bhutanese schools. It is also common to see teachers encourage…show more content…
According to CAPSD (2006), the text contains activities for each of the strands: reading, writing, listening and speaking and assumes a school year of 180 days (p.12). Though all the strands are important for the acquisition of grammar, writing and reading are the most used strategy for teaching English grammar in the Bhutanese classes. A teacher provides information on grammar in the form of written concepts, and provides them written practice regularly to achieve precision and accuracy on the usage of English grammar. Mathew (2008) says that knowledge of grammar is essential for speaking and writing a language with precision and accuracy (p.5). Therefore practice plays a vital role in learning grammar for the students. Reading and revisiting the notes are one of the strategies used by the students to build on their knowledge. Communication also plays a vital role in learning of grammar as the students are able to use their knowledge in real life context. So listening and speaking in the classroom, outside the classroom enables the students to consolidate their knowledge in grammar. Thus, the teachings of English grammar in Bhutanese schools are done to improve the four

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