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How learning English help china’s economy?


There are a big number of Chinese student that does not study English to use to communicate with other people, but they use it just to get through the test they have to take during high school and college. This would make the study English of Chinese student become useless for their future. This would cause Chinese not be able to speak english as fluently as they should. Chinese student needs to look at another way around. English is a language that could make a living out of it. As English is one of the most commonly used language, they could make a use of learning English such as; use to do business with other country etc. It
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It is fine for Chinese people that are live in different place than China since they have to learn English to communicate with other people in that country in order to live in that country. But in China, people are all speaking the same language which make it difficult for people from other country to communicate with Chinese people. For example, if Chinese people are travel to other country for a vacation, they wouldn’t be able to communicate to other people from that country.

In 2013, China’s Education Ministry has decided to take away English language test on college exam (Hua Ti,2013) which will discourage Chinese people to study English and would lead to problem of unable to communicate to people from other country and cause other country to not able to do business with China. In order to make a trade, China and other country need to understand what both country want by having a translator to translate in the meetings and the agreement on trading.

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In order to fix that, China’s Study Ministry need to include English in their education for student. Show student the importance of English language by telling them the advantage of learning such as be able to communicate with other easily.

Not only that, they need to encourage them to learn English and use English to speak with foreigner as well. For example, use foreign teacher that can knows English and Chinese to teach Chinese student is another good way of encouraging Chinese student to study English. They can include TV programme about speaking English or teaching English as well.


If China succeed to encourage people to learn and be able to speak English, this will make a big number of country wanted to do business with China because of they are now capable of speak and use English to communicate with other country. Both of China and other country would get benefit from doing trade since they both are achieving what they want which is a good trade between country. China going to have a lot of growth in China’s economy as well as the country that do business with China since there would also be more export product from China as well as import product. Makes China become more popular country. It also can increase the number of traveller that

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