English Language Importance

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Over the past two decades, countries in the world have become more and more dependent on each other and new technologies help to be better in every sector of life. Learning English is the crucial part of the life because it has academic benefits to students, helps for better cultural and relationship understanding, and enhance in economic development. The study of English is important in the academic areas of the student’s life. Researcher shows that the students who have studied the English language in their elementary school perform better in the different aspects of study like tests in reading, language arts and mathematics as compared to those students who are not (Ginsburg, H. and McCoy, I. (1981).). Learning English also helps to enhance listening skills, memory, and it also developed communication skills which help them to interact with different peoples and teachers for their better relationships. Furthermore, students who have studied English, develop greater cognitive skills in such areas as mental flexibility, creativity, and high order thinking skills. Data from the admission testing of the college board show a positive correlation between SAT scores and verbal scores of students increased with each additional year of language study (Cooper. T (1987). Interestingly, the students get better in their studies who had taken four or five years of English than those students who had taken four or five years of any other subjects. This gives you a good overview,

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