English Language Importance

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Language is considered as a proper and a systematic way of communication between two individuals. It is a tool that enables that transmission of various subject matters. Different languages are spoken around globe. However, English is one of the influential languages that are spoken in the world. It is an international language that is spoken in many countries. But our research aims to investigate the importance of English language in the private sector (especially banking sector) of Pakistan. It is being conducted to see that whether English has become a salient criterion for the recruitment of employees. In our research we have focused on MBA graduates of Lahore city. We distributed a set of questionnaires in order to become aware of their thinking and ideologies. The candidates were from both public and private institutes. The questionnaires were distributed among 25 potential candidates. We interviewed the Vice president of Meezan bank limited ( who is also the area manager of various branches ) and asked about his point of view regarding this situation. The rest of the research was conducted with help of online articles and past research papers. Introduction English language is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is the national language of United States of America and United Kingdom. But it has also become the medium of instruction in many countries including Pakistan. English language is a very developed language which has the
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