English Language Skills Research Paper

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English as a common mode and tongue which one can communicate makes a standard for a person in the society. But, students especially female students from rural background lack in their communication skills because of their economic set back and the illiteracy of their parents. Even if they are educated they couldn’t help their children in developing their language skills because they themselves lack in communication skills. This problem originated from the classroom as the students especially female students were poor in their writing and speaking skills, due to lack of exposure and proper basics in school level. English language skills are seen as a resource which will allow for participation in the financial, political and knowledge economies which, today, are increasingly being conducted at a global level, and which therefore rely on modes of international communication. The impact of globalization is felt in the organization of the economy and of employment. The English language teaching (ELT) industry has in the past several years become a major cross-cultural, trans-cultural, and worldwide enterprise. English, ceased to be reliable given the great changes in the physical, technological, economic and migratory trajectories of…show more content…
The purpose of these tasks is to take into account the interplay between the content of the curriculum and the process by which it is realized. Therefore, in the process of accomplishing instructional objectives, classroom interactive processes take place among the participants and lead to the creation of a whole range of learning opportunities which may cause many unexpected contributions, thus creating great advantages considered to be the realization of communicative competence as well as performance in relevant social
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