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English Language is one of international language. A lot history in English language, as well as in Indonesia. As we know that the primer language in our country (Indonesia) Indonesia language itself. But, globalization in the world make a significant change. The history started from before independen of Indonesia.

The Dutch, who occupied Indonesia for over 350 years, from 1595, were loath to provide any education at all to the Indonesian population. During the Dutch colonial period, few Indonesians received any education, even at primary level and the majority were illiterate. This policy of keeping the colonized people in the dark was quite different to that of the British in their colonial territories. The few secondary schools that existed
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However, constraints such as limited time and the difficulty of tracking down adequate sources made this impossible.
Briefly, however, it is possible to note that English has played an important role in education as it is a compulsory subject in schools and it is unlikely that university students will complete there courses without being assigned at least some readings in English. Meanwhile, business people find increasingly that ideas for success in management are published in English. It is quite common to find people living in the country’s large cities will readily agree that everyone needs English to some
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In Ganesha the teacher must be appropriate in teaching learning process. Cause in Ganesha Operation Consider in service, teacher must be have a passion to teach in Ganesha Operation.
6. The teacher must be know about rule and characteristic in Ganesha Operation. Tge teacher should be know how can implimenting method in teaching. Cause teacher is role model in teaching. When teacher can make good lesson, the student can receive material well.
7. The king method use in Ganesha Operation cause this method in new inovation in teaching learning process. The student get shortcut in doing the material. It is make student interesting, cause student will get national examination.
8. The king method can implemented by student when they are do the national examination. in national examination the student need a short steps to answer the question, and the king method is one of the solution for this case.
9. From he strat until the end of teaching learning process teacher make a some elicitation for the student, student will active in the teaching learning process, and passive student will increse the convidence by

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