English Language In Malaysia Case Study

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1. INTRODUCTION : This chapter presents the (a) background of the study, (b) problem statements , (c) objectives of the study , (d) research questions and its (e) significance, and the (f) scope of the study. 1.1 BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Learning English Language is one of the highest priorities in Malaysia education system . This is due to the reason that the person with caliber of speaking, reading and learning English Language stands better chances of ending with a life time opportunity of good job. Therefore the qualifications of a person in today’s world need a support of English Language capability to reach out to the highest level of accomplishments. In the present day world the English language is used on widespread to interact and deal with the business officials around the world. The use of English language therefore helps in fetching the best opportunity to the job seeker and best deal for the business person. Malaysia education system conducting various kinds of tests and admission assistance programs with a view to help the students to bring a link between the middle and college level English education(Vinodini Murugesan ,2003 ). The English language came to Malaysia when the British came to Malaysia in year 1771. The British wanted to set up trade centers in the country. They brought with them their…show more content…
There are at present various preparatory English programs started by UNIMAS (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak) has facilitated various programs which helps the students in learning English language as per their age and class requirements. Various generic English level courses are also offered so that the proficiency of the students in reading, writing and speaking English language can be improved to higher levels (Rethinasamy & Chuah, 2011,

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