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The different language used in Myanmar and how languages affects to the unity of society. There are 11 countries in Southeast Asia that they have different languages and can divided into 5 family languages which are Tai-Kadai , Austronesian , Austroasiatic , Hmong – mien , Sino – Tibetan. In this case I will describe about Myanmar, their official language is Burmese and that related to Sino-Tibetan and other ethnic groups in Myanmar have their own languages about 85 languages because they have more than 100 ethnic groups. For education and media are used Burmese because the largest ethnic group of Myanmar or can called Burmans are used Burmese in their daily life. Around 80% population speaks in Burmese which is the only one official language…show more content…
Moreover, English as second language of Myanmar because Myanmar was colonized by British . so, that English are influence to Myanmar. However, languages are the most importance to communicate between peoples in society and actually in education system operated by government ministry of education. The education system is based on the United kingdom’s kingdom system. The Myanmar education are feature by preschool or kindergarten, primary education and secondary education, higher education. The Private schools are focus on the English language, and some parents want their children to speak good English. The Burmese language is not a priority for those students who attend private schools. Some private schools run by Burmans who value the Burmese language, are trying to promote bilingual teaching of both Burmese and English.The government school in Myanmar are teaching in Burmese. When students from all school take university entrance examination they take the exam in English, this examination are administered by Myanmar board of examinations. Students from international English-language school or other private school are don’t have right for the matriculation exam and they not allowed…show more content…
Though, The main majority of the peoples are Burman or Bamar but they has diverse of languages in Myanmar that can affect to cultural identity of minority groups. Myanmar established from an ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups officially recognized by the Burmese government. These are grouped into 8 majors national ethnic races including Kachin, Kayah ,Kayin, Chin, Mon, Bamar,Rakhine,Shan. Most peoples of Myanmar are primarily identify with their ethnicity and each ethnic has their own languages including cultural. I think language is the component part of cultural because it send from generation to generation. Moreover, language are effect to cultural identity because language is an importance social tool for show and transmit culture because language are a medium for understanding and acculturation. In terms of accumulation and inheritance. It is crucial that people need language to communicate. If not then It would not be able to unite into society. The language skills to communicate the humanity of listening, speaking, reading, writing and so on. So, because of in Myanmar has a lot of minority group and difference languages that can show they have differences culture as well. However, The language policy applied by governments from 1962 to

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