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It is a fact that English Language every time has a large presence in our day life. This paper analyzes not only how English affects to our ordinary life but also her influence in the Spanish language. Throughout this paper will be investigate the different techniques used to introduce the English Language into a Spanish environment, such as code-switching or code mixing, mainly in the field of advertising. But, the presence of English language does not only affect Spanish language it also has a psychological effect in the consumer, mainly, in the case of fashion, automobile and technology advertising. In this paper, I will be analyzing how the fact that an advertising in English language results more attractive, even though you do
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The Invasion of the English Language
In the previous sections, we have already analyzed and defined what are a global language or a lingua franca and the globalization process, but the question arising now is, how does English become a global language? Or, why English language and not another one?
David Crystal in his book English as a Global Language established two different branches to answer to this question: the historical-geographical and the socio-cultural, these two factors are interconnected and related with the growth and spread of the English language. At first place, from a historical-geographical point of view, English began to expand with the thirteen colonies’ foundation (British colonists that had become independent from the British Crown and settled on the East Coast of North America) in the 16th and 17th centuries and the formation of the United States of America, accordingly with Crystal’s article this expansion continued until the 19th century. With the spread of English language during this period, the current situation is that, English is the only language spoken around the five continents and it is the official or co-official language in more than 60 countries, this situation is a reflection of “how English looked for and reached a position of pre-eminence” (Crystal, 1997). At second place, from a socio-cultural point of view English country has a deeply rooted culture that identifies them and distinguishes from any other culture and, mainly due to the mass media’s power of influence, by means of some music groups, such as The Beatles, or the proliferation of so many English and American TV series, in the last years the English Language “has conquered” the world, and his culture and also his language have spread across of any

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