English Language Learners

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This article was written by Suzanne Irujo reporting a research evaluated by the National Reading Panel about teaching English Language Learners. They conducted their research based on the five important elements: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Online Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds phonemes in spoken words. It is key because it improves learner’s word reading and comprehension and it also helps learners learn to spell. It is said that English Language Learners had difficulties in developing phonological awareness in English until they are get used with the sound of English which is developed by experiences with fun and appealing songs, poems, chants,
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It gives strategies such as reader-generated questions. Asking learners to read a text, teachers must identify information that is necessary for understanding the text, evaluate learners' prior knowledge of these necessities, and fill any gaps that are found. It will help me to plan responsive activities around reading and interpreting texts. Sharing ideas, comparing perspectives, and coming to the agreement are all ways that learners use the language of the text in meaningful ways, and therefore progress to higher levels of language proficiency and reading…show more content…
Activating prior knowledge and making connections before, during, and after
Reading: Learners need to be taught to use their prior knowledge to help them understand a text.They must use that to interact. Students need to be explicitly taught to make text-to-text connections, text-to-self connections, and text-to-world connections. Students need to learn to ask themselves, “What book have I already read or movie have I seen that relates to this text? What is similar to my experiences and the experiences presented in this book? What knowledge do I have that relates to the information in the text?” Miller, 2002, p. 57). It is said that most of the young learners like to share their thinking and knowledge with the teacher so they must be allowed to do so.
Determining the most important ideas: learners are better able to determine key ideas in
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