English Language Learners With Special Needs Essay

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English-language learners (ELLs) with special needs belong to a minority group and require specific direction for educators on how to help these students in the school context and how to help to improve their educational outcomes. This is one of the most important topics in the field of education in the USA. The main issue of the teachers is to decrease the achievement gap between ELLs and their peers. Though, the educational needs of ELLs are diverse and rather complicated. English language learners face many obstacles due to their cultural and linguistic diversity. Meanwhile, ELLs with special needs have additional obstacles that influence their education such as cultural and linguistic differences as well as disabilities. Consequently, it is quite difficult task for educators to teach such children.
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In addition to this, behavior management issues are of critical importance for the teachers of English language learners with special needs. Such teachers must know the needs related to children’s disability, possess cultural and linguistic knowledge. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, lack of knowledge and little understanding about second language acquisition provide inappropriate educational services. Teachers do not fully understand the influence of native language on intellectual and cognitive development and the impact of cultural differences on students’ performance.
Most commonly, ELLs with and without disabilities are often taught by teachers with insufficient experience and qualifications. This occurs because of absence of coursework and teacher preparation program related to teaching of disabled children as well as a shortage of qualified specialists. Therefore, it is worthy of note that ELLs with special needs cannot meet high academic standards unless they receive appropriate educational services from their
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