English Language Learning Styles

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Language learning styles
(visual learners) “ if a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way we learn” Ignacio Estrada

talking about the concept of "teaching" leading us unconsciously to talk about the concept of " learning" and vice versa. In general, learning and teaching associated with each other. The high achievements of one of these cognitive operations means the success to another. on the other hand, the failure of one of them implies the fall of the other one. Successful and effective teacher, who concentrate on two essential matters. First, learning about the principles of learning and teaching to know how to teach. However, One of the most substantial affairs is learning styles and strategies. Second,
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In relation to second language learning, it has its own learning styles and strategies. However, I noticed in Jordan which is an Arabic country and its official and original language is Arabic, although English language one of the required fixed curriculum at all stages covering pre-school stage and over-school stage. Also, The official language for all disciplines except the Faculty of Law 's disciplines at the universities is in English. Oddly, Jordanians are somehow feeble in English. Consequently, my desire arises to explore the real reason for this. Where is the problem? I think the utmost problem is the Lack of awareness in different learning styles and the idea that each student has his own way of thinking and learning and understanding and I think the missing circle is in the teacher 's and learner 's grasp of learning styles and strategies. Especially, those which related to language learning. Then, the moral of learning the teachers about all learning styles is that to impact it in their approach of teaching to enable scholars to accomplish better outcomes. Each scholar pursuant to the most effective…show more content…
In some cases, They become closer to native speakers. Especially in the pronunciation. While others who attempt to do similar actions to ameliorate their language they don 't perceive any progression. Thus, They frustrate because they are unlike to attain the same results. The master cause of this is that the first group of people tends to be dominated by the visual style of learning than other styles. So when they watch films they readily link utterances with the pictures to fetch the meaning. In other words, they write what they hear in their minds depending on what they see. So their opportunity in getting the most considerable number of utterances from the film greater than the people who belong to the second group who find it troublesome to write the word in their mind while they are listening to it. As you see in this example, there is an overlapping between visual style and auditory style.. ( ) The role of teachers is to create an operative approach to teach depend on the variety of their students. Several tasks they should examine. Then, evaluate the extent of their effectiveness depending on the outcomes. For instance, if the task to be done was relying on hearing a song without watching its video clip. Or asking scholars to echo scholarmaster 's talking.

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