English Language Literature: Literature Review Of Motivation

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Literature review:
Motivation is defined as, “The driving force in any situation that leads to action. Motivation itself refers to a combination of the learner’s attitude”, Motivation is one of the mainly significant factors which manipulate language learners’ achievement or failure in learning the language. Motivation is something that supports someone to do something. Harmer reported in his book “English Language Teaching” that motivation is some kind of internal drive which pushes someone to do some things in order to achieve something (Harmer, 1988: 51). Motivation is further separated into two types: Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation .Intrinsic motivation define as; “delight of language learning itself”, and extrinsic motivation, define as; “motivation that drive by parental pressure , societal expectations, academic requirements or the other source of rewards and punishments” Richards,(2002:P,343) The researcher Rico, L.J.A.(2014) investigates the study of Identifying factors causing difficulties to productive skills: among foreign languages learners, in which he has used a qualitative method to collect data which was based on case study. The arithmetic the data has collected throughout three instruments: six observations, two interviews and field notes. Through classroom observations he has played the role of a non-participant observer. In this investigation these were helpful in distinctive what participants felt when articulating their thoughts in

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