English Language Motivation

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Nowadays, English is significant because the world is now a global community where people use it to communicate all around the world. It has been recognized as a universal language in the international community (Kirisri, Jenwitheesuk & Boontong, 2016). The international community also includes the labor market of Asian Economic Community of Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

There are many factors influencing success in learning second language. These include age, personality, culture and status, experiences and cognition. Motivation is one of the factors affecting second language learning. Gardner (1985) stated that motivation is the extent factor which learners acquire in learning language because of the desire and the satisfaction to do. The motivation also plays the important role in the area of learning English as foreign language due to the fact that it possibly predicts of further success or failure (Bobkina, Fernandez , 2012).

It is interesting to survey motivation toward English Language Learning of the third year undergraduate engineering students at Naresuan University.

Undeniable, motivation in learning English is important to engineering students because after engineering students graduated, they might work as engineers in companies. In the present time, labor market includes engineers is now a borderless economic community. Therefore, there are many international and local companies, especially in Asian community, set English language proficiency

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