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I know three foreign languages (English, Korean, and French) to varying degrees. I have been learning English from the 5th grade while Korean and French were added to my linguistic repertoire only at the bachelor years. In this reflection I discuss some factors that accompany my languages learning process in different time spans of my life. Particularly, I dwell on my experience of English and Korean as I find it the most successful. I also describe my fruitless attempts with French to underpin my speculations on the importance of some factors in my language learning process.
I put English at the forefront of this reflection as it is a part of my life for almost 13 years. Although I started learning English in the 5th grade, my predilection for this language appeared much earlier. Two factors, media and parents, stirred my strong desire to learn English. At the age of 6-7, while watching American clips, I was captivated by the beautiful sound and euphonious flow of English. I was constantly imitating my favorite songs saying “I wish I could understand the meaning”. Also, my mother played an important role motivating me to start learning English. However, it is not particularly what Ortega (2009) and Larsen-Freeman and Long (1991) mention about the parents’ role. My mother did not point out the importance of English or incline me to learn it, again she challenged me by saying “How can you like English and English songs? Perhaps, they sing something bad”. This challenge

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