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VIETNAM NATIONAL UNVERSITY – HO CHI MINH CITY UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES FACULTY OF ENGLISH LINGUISTICS AND LITERATURE COURSE: RESEARCH WRITING Instructor: Le Nguyen Minh Tho, Ph.D. Class TESOL 2016B Name: Đoàn Thị Sâm Review of a public article Article reviewed: Farmand, Z. & Pourgharib, B. (2013). The Effect of English Songs on English Learners Pronunciation. International Journal of Basic Sciences & Applied Research, 2(9), 840-846 The article “The Effect of English Songs on English Learners Pronunciation” by Zahra Farmand and Behzad Pourgharib was published online by the International Journal of Basic Sciences & Applied Research in 2013. It is mainly directed at the readers who are teachers of English to L2 learners.…show more content…
“Exploring English Language Teaching” examines the ELT profession through the lens of an applied linguist, striking a balance between research and practice that makes it ideally suited to learners who already demonstrate some knowledge of the subject at hand, but who may not be familiar with it from an academic rather than a teaching perspective. While it is primarily an academic text, its adherence to the ‘practice to theory’ approach mentioned above, and its frequent references to the practice of ELT, render it very readable, and in this reader’s judgment, accessible even to novices on the subject; though conversely, it is this very feature that may make the book less suitable for those with considerable experience in academic research on the subject. Undoubtedly though, those who will benefit most from its content are those for whom it is primarily intended: students embarking on postgraduate studies or practitioners returning to study after a period of time in the ELT…show more content…
The author argues that games play an important role in teaching English vocabulary to children. However, they should be used properly in accordance with the topic, the context, and students’ level. Although the article is highly appreciated with the two pluses of a clear title and a good main idea, it will be better if the author can avoid some mistakes in grammar, choose relevant words and provide empirical evidence in the

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