Conclusion About English Language

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Discussion and Implications
This study discussion and implication is framed by three questions arising in the methodology.
First, the study showed that the overall level of English majors’ English learning anxiety was moderate (M=3.01), higher the mean of whole students’ English learning motivation 3.38. Among the four categories of anxiety, the mean scores of communicative apprehension anxiety was the highest and the fear of negative evaluation anxiety’s mean ranked second, which indicated that teachers should pay more attention to encourage students actively as well as bravely communicate in English and give a proper evaluation for their performance. In the categories of motivation, since the mean of personal development motivation, external requirement motivation and information media motivation were in the top three, these three motivations were at the
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Though the analyzing above, it was obvious that all various anxiety exerted positive influence on academic performance motivation, learning situation motivation, external requirement motivation, personal development motivation and information media motivation, which indicated that proper anxiety does good for students in English learning motivation. Moreover, since inner interest motivation had significant negative relation with communication apprehension anxiety and the fear of negative evaluation anxiety, English teachers are supported to look further about English majors’ interest and find out what can stimulate them to study English. In addition, through questionnaires, it could be found that most of students were favor of English movies and songs and they were willing to improve their English to help them gain a better feeling and understanding of English foreign countries culture. Hence, for English teachers, all of those factors should be taken into consideration in English
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