English Learning: The Characteristics Of Language In The English Language

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A. Background of The Study
According to Douglas (2000:5) language is a system of arbitrary conventionalized vocal, written, or gestural symbols that enable members of a given community to communicate with one another.
English is a very important language and it becomes international language. It is used in many aspects of life and also it is an effective language to communicate with other people around the world who have different languages. In Indonesia, English is one of subjects in the school which is most difficult. In the teaching learning process, the teachers have to make their teaching interesting for their students. So that, the students enjoy with their lesson.
In fact, most of students assume that grammar is difficult. They are still have difficulties in learning English language especially in tenses. They lost their understanding about tenses although they had been taught before, probably this happened because of the weakness of the students’ memory. And the problem that students often encounter when learning English is the inability to construct word by word into a sentence. In this case, students are confused and incorrect in using verbs and tenses. Besides that, they feel bored with the same technique to memorize all grammar rules and exceptions in English. It involves the students’ motivation in learning English.
In English, There are four skills of English learning must be mastered by the students. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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