English Literacy In America

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Literacy in America The United States of America is made up of different types of race, religion, and people of all kind. This wide spread of culture results in children whose first language isn’t English, struggling with reading and writing. There are over 300 languages spoken in America, meaning half the countries children have trouble with literacy when it comes time for school. Nowadays in college when a literacy test is given most kids fail. Although growing up with English as a second language, literacy is needed in order to move on and succeed. Kids in America whose first language is not English do not all start reading as quickly compared to those whose is. Reading comes as a struggle for some, not because they cannot…show more content…
Inside their homes, mostly the top three languages other than English that are spoken are Spanish, Vietnamese, and Urdu. These statistics show that America is made up of many different people and that English doesn’t come very easy for everyone. In many households, growing up English isn’t the first language so when it’s time for school, children struggle with literacy. Most college students nowadays have done a test and realized that the average American college graduates English literacy has declined. The National Assessment of Literacy was given and the test found low English in Hispanic culture. That there was a significant increase in African- Americans and Asians. Kids who took the test representing some 800,000 Americans demonstrated “below basic”. Even though it is complicated for students growing up with a second language, they still learn to be literate and fluent with their reading and writing. At times you might need a bit of a push to help you, but as long as you keep trying success is with you. You are guaranteed to move on and
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