English Literary Analysis Of Nino Ricci's Going To The Moon

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ENGLISH LITERARY ANALYSIS ESSAY: GOING TO THE MOON by Nino Ricci Settling in a new country can be a stressful experience as settlers face problems of isolation and culture identity. “Going to the moon” by Nino Ricci is a story of a young immigrant moving to Canada from Windsor and his struggle of living in the new society. In this literary piece, the author uses tone and symbolism to describe what these settlers experience: the strangeness of the new land and the hope for a better life in this place. When first migrating to a new country, one can feel overwhelmed and isolated by the differences between their hometown and the new. Nino Ricci uses a pessimistic tone to provide readers the struggle that the characters have to face. At the beginning…show more content…
The author symbolizes certain images as representations of faith, and the protagonist’s classroom is one of the two figures. The room is full of “varnished desktops”, “polished floors and a “multicolored alphabet”, which hints the hope for a brighter future, the hope that “life could be different.” The adjectives “varnished” and “polished” give readers a feeling that the young immigrant’s life will be less troublesome and as the word “multicolored” suggests multi-culture, where the character will be accepted into the society. Additionally, the moon mentioned in the story is also the symbol of hope. As can be inferred in the plot, it is what keeps the narrator feeling included in the classroom. Phrases such as “we could catch the lift off together” and “all of us competing every day to change the number” allude the desire of being accepted to the community. The two words “together” and “all of us” implies totality. As the immigrant is included in the class, he can find delight and excitement in life. Also, this desire stresses on the discrimination previously narrated in the story, where the brother of the main character was picked on and named because of his appearance. In conclusion, with the use of symbolism, Nino Ricci displays a more positive side of the character, where hope is presented in his heart. To sum up, throughout the story, by using tone and symbolism, the author convey the experience of immigration: their struggle and the belief, the dream for a more improved life. This experience points out that settling in a new country is perhaps a dreadful experience, yet a lesson can be drawn out of this story: if one is strong enough to overcome the hardship, they will earn a better
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